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Capacity Cost Set to Increase

Electric consumers across the Midwest should brace for higher electric rates starting June 1, 2014. Capacity charges are passed on to......


Capacity Cost Changes Coming Soon

Many components go into a fixed electric rate, and capacity is the second largest. Capacity can be thought of as a reservation charge......


The Downside of Low Energy Prices

It is a good time to be an end-user of energy whether that be natural gas, electricity, gasoline, jet fuel, crude oil or any other product.....


Demand Response

Demand response programs are available in many areas of the country and provide a means for energy users to earn revenue by.......


2010 Year In Review

In this newsletter we are going to do a year-end review of the events that made news in the energy markets and talk about what events are......


Ohio Energy Market Update

In this month's newsletter we are going to discuss some pending changes to Ohio's deregulated electric and natural gas markets......

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