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Gasification Projects

At Independent Energy Consultants we are committed to finding our clients the best energy rates and to do that we keep a close eye on......


Cross State Air Pollution Rule

The Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) is the U.S. Environmental Protect Agency's (EPA) latest attempt to regulate and control air......


Wind Energy Saved by Fiscal Cliff Deal

Throughout 2012 manufacturers of wind turbines had been scaling back production and employment. According to an article in the New York......

Green Energy

Liquefied Natural Gas

Only 5 years ago, America's energy market was dealing with a decreasing supply of natural gas. A solution to that problem came in the......


Turning Swords into Plowshares

For the past 20 years the United States and its former adversary Russia have been working together in an arrangement called the......

Green Energy

Natural Gas Exports - Not So Fast

With the recent boom of shale gas supplies in the U.S., many industry participants are pushing to export liquefied natural gas......

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