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Real-Time Energy Management

At Independent Energy Consultants our clients have seen firsthand the savings that our competitive bids provide, and have seen the......

Green Energy

Green Energy Initiatives

With all the talk of global warming and earth day festivities still fresh in our minds, we would like......


Energy Crisis or Policy Crisis?

For months now we have been pointing out the rise in commodity markets, whether it is the food group, metals, grains or......


Futures Markets - Educational Overview

Most investors are familiar with the mechanics of stock trading, monitoring their 401ks, and buying and selling mutual funds......


Energy Myth Busting

At Independent Energy Consultants our televisions are always tuned to CNBC and the Weather Channel. As we go about our day we want......


Objectives Drive Decisions

Energy prices in 2008 have fluctuated far and fast. These circumstances present a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate......

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