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Commercial & Industrial Energy Brokers

Independent Energy Consultants works with commercial and industrial customers to help them achieve savings on natural gas and electricity costs in any deregulated state. We are independent energy brokers, a factor that sets us apart. Unlike many energy brokers, we have avoided the formal ties that create conflicts of interest or limit a customer's supply options. We believe so strongly in being "independent" that we incorporated the word into our company name. When you partner with IEC, you know we have your best interest at heart.

The Certified Energy Procurement Professionals (CEP) at Independent Energy Consultants believe in making the energy sourcing process as transparent and as efficient as possible. That’s why we have customized our ONLINE REVERSE AUCTION PLATFORM to meet the specific needs of electric and natural gas customers, and the suppliers who compete to win their business. IEC's auction platform serves as a one-stop shop before, during and after the bidding takes place.

Click below to see a brief video about how our platform can streamline the way you buy natural gas and electricity.

IEC’s online reverse auction platform overcomes the limitations of the traditional paper-based RFP process used by most energy brokers. Supplier lead changes, suppliers outbidding themselves, multiple suppliers winning unique auctions and razor-thin margins are all hallmarks of IEC’s vibrant bidding process. IEC clients witness first-hand the real-time competition among suppliers trying to win their business and appreciate our subsequent streamlined decision-making-process.

For electric and natural gas suppliers, the IEC auction platform provides all the client information needed to prepare for auction day. Then, when the bidding begins, they immediately gain price discovery and see how they stack up among the competition on an apples-to-apples basis. When the auctions are over suppliers know exactly how they fared in each auction, and if awarded the business, usually contract the same day.

If you are seeking a quick quote or simply shopping offers, chances are you are cheating yourself and limiting the suppliers who will bid to serve your energy needs. The natural gas and electric markets are complex and prices change by the minute. Moreover, not all offers are the same, and frequently the terms and conditions of a supply contract are just as important as price. If you are truly serious about maximizing your savings and mitigating your risks, contact IEC. We use a proven approach to ensure you make sound decisions when it comes to your energy procurement. When you engage our services, you can be involved as much or as little as you like. In either case, our Certified Energy Procurement Professionals will provide sound advice and cost savings and you get the final say in accepting any brokered offer.

Independent Energy Consultants makes it easy for clients to work with us.

IEC brokerage services are provided at NO OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS TO YOU and you have NO OBLIGATION to accept any offer we broker. We are compensated by the winning supplier, if and only if, you accept one of our brokered offers. Our work doesn’t stop once we’ve brokered your supply contract. We’re there during the life of the agreement to answer questions, keep you updated on energy market trends and point out upcoming opportunities and/or risks.

The Process:

  • Discuss Goals and Objectives
  • Analyze your risk tolerance
  • Examine any existing supply agreements.
  • Identify which accounts are eligible to seek alternate supply offers
  • Not all states and/or utilities are deregulated and permit seeking alternate offers
  • Accounts in municipal systems and/or cooperatives are not eligible to seek alternate offers
  • Identify which utility markets are active and present opportunities for savings
  • Gather, sort, group and analyze your historical load data
  • Identify load profiles that will result in the lowest bids
  • Discuss market trends and potential procurement strategies
  • Fixed rates, variable rates, block/index, short-term, long-term, etc
  • Develop a decision-support model
  • Identify a price-to-beat needed to accept a supply offer.
  • Design customized Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit offers from all eligible suppliers
  • Review and explain supplier contract terms and conditions
  • Alert all eligible and qualified suppliers
  • Conduct Online Auctions or issue a paper RFP.
  • Perform Savings Analysis
  • Analyze supplier bids and recommend a supplier
  • Recommend Contracting Terms
  • Assist in the account switching process.
  • Upload contracts, sites and usage
  • Monitor your contract, and energy costs and use during the term of your supply agreements
  • Ensure you have an audit trail to document your procurement process (e.g., Sarbanes-Oxley compliance)
  • Prepare for Renewals
  • Market opportunity alerts and updates.

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