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Energy Prices - Dramatic Increase

A weakening U.S. economy has resulted in some alarming headlines in the past few months and we may be witnessing a financial version......


Smart Grid

In the United States we enjoy and often take for granted the reliable flow of electricity from generator to consumer through a series......


Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

The Gulf oil spill has captured our attention for months. We watched incredible videos of oil gushing from the wellhead 5,000 feet below......


Wind Energy Saved by Fiscal Cliff Deal

Throughout 2012 manufacturers of wind turbines had been scaling back production and employment. According to an article in the New York......


Capacity Cost Set to Increase

Electric consumers across the Midwest should brace for higher electric rates starting June 1, 2014. Capacity charges are passed on to......


Capacity Cost Changes Coming Soon

Many components go into a fixed electric rate, and capacity is the second largest. Capacity can be thought of as a reservation charge......

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