About Independent Energy Consultants

Independent Energy Consultants, Inc. (IEC) is an experienced independent energy service company that specializes in helping local municipalities to create and manage electric and natural gas Municipal Aggregation Programs. IEC works with Commercial and Industrial customers to source and manage natural gas and electric contracts, as well as to develop and implement Energy Efficiency Programs.

IEC's mission is to continually provide the highest quality energy services that will reduce our client's utility costs while protecting them from the risks inherent in the volatile energy markets. We achieve this through the following ways:


IEC is led by its founder, Mark Burns. Mr. Burns has a long history of success in the utility and deregulated energy industries. He began his career as an engineer working on U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarines. From there he transitioned to the commercial nuclear power business and obtained his Senior Reactor Operators License from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This license enabled him to operate and direct the operations of a $1 billion Nuclear Power Station. During this time Mr. Burns was qualified as the company's Emergency Director and Company Spokesperson. He served on the company's Station Review Board and the Company Nuclear Review Board. During his 18-year career with several major U.S. utility companies, Mr. Burns served as a Strategic Planning Manager, oversaw a $300 million annual capital budget program, and provided risk control for a $1 billion natural gas and electric trading operation.

Mr. Burns formed a consulting business in 2000 when utility deregulation began to take hold across the U.S. and in particular, Ohio. Since then IEC has designed, implemented and administered hundreds of natural gas and/or electric programs that have saved tens of millions of dollars for residential, commercial and governmental customers. IEC has also brokered energy contracts for industrial clients, hospitals, property managers and retail chains throughout the U.S and is certified in energy conservation techniques. Mr. Burns is the Energy Manager for Corporate United, a Group Purchasing Organization comprised of over 200 fortune-2000 companies. As president of Independent Energy Consultants he has strategically leveraged his company's service capabilities by forming channel partner relationships with EnerNOC and other best in class energy service providers.

Mr. Burns holds a Bachelor of Science Applied Science in Electrical Engineering Technology from Youngstown State University; a Master of Business Administration from Baldwin Wallace College and 25-plus years of professional development. Mr. Burns has obtained for his company the designations of Certified Electric and Natural Gas Broker and Aggregator from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, Licensed Electric and Natural Gas Aggregator from the Virginia State Corporation Commission, Certified Electric Aggregator from the Texas Public Utilities Commission and Licensed Agent/Broker/Consultant from the Illinois Commerce Commission. Mark is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and a member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), and the Facility Managers Institute of AEE.


IEC is an independently owned and operated broker and aggregator of electricity and natural gas. Because we are independent, we have access to all eligible energy companies. Instead of a "one-size-fits-all solution", we are able to customize your offer so you have the terms, service and price that meet your unique needs.


IEC has earned the trust and respect of many civic leaders and corporate executives. They have designed, implemented and administered hundreds of municipal aggregation programs and direct the purchase of over $200 million annually for IEC's natural gas and electric clients.


IEC has been certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the Public Utilities Commission of Texas and licensed by the State Corporation Commission of Virginia and the Illinois Commerce Commission. Many states, including Ohio, Texas and Virginia, do not require or offer licensing to those who provide energy consulting services. We at IEC, however, believe in going the "extra mile" to provide our clients the peace of mind that comes from passing the scrutiny of regulatory bodies. When you select IEC to assist you with your program or project, you will know that we have the experience, knowledge, management and technical skills necessary to do the job.

Results Oriented.

IEC is a firm believer that energy programs must work for all stakeholders to be successful. In addition to designing and administering successful programs, we place great importance on facilitating the relationships between suppliers, community leaders, customers, and regulators. At IEC we pay attention to smallest of details and provide effective communication so there are no surprises for our clients.

Risk Management.

IEC has energy professionals who constantly monitor the energy markets. Through this tracking we are able to identify trends, historical minimums, maximums, and market price volatility. IEC also monitors regulatory changes that could impact the success of an energy aggregation program. By staying at the forefront of issues, we are able to provide beneficial input into the process and to prevent problems before they occur.

Contact us to learn more about IEC and our electricity and natural gas savings programs for communities and businesses.


  • "It has been my pleasure to work with Mark Burns in developing Green's electric and gas aggregation programs. Green was one of the first municipalities to initiate an aggregation program, and Mr. Burns' knowledge and drive were instrumental in getting this accomplished in a timely and cost efficient manner.

    The city of Green has saved its residents literally millions of dollars in reduced costs for both power and natural gas. Given Mr. Burns' extensive knowledge and customer responsiveness, I would recommend him unconditionally to coordinate any utility based study."
    Dan Croghan
    Former Mayor
    City of Green, OH
  • "Mr. Burns brings 22 years of experience and expertise in the fields of natural gas and electricity to governmental aggregation programs. His knowledge and experience, coupled with his awareness of and sensitivity to residential energy customers' preferences, makes it easy for a City to present a well-organized and cost-beneficial aggregation program to City residents.

    Mr. Burns is always ready to personally assist the individual resident in joining or leaving an aggregate group. He is always willing to explain the program to those residents that may have questions. He understands that governmental energy aggregates are made of people, not numbers.

    Mr. Burns watches the market trends and advises a governmental aggregator when to strike a price for an energy program. He tracks activity before the Public Utilities Commission and advises of issues that will impact municipalities so that we may address those issues. His advice and attention to our municipality has made my job much easier, and has resulted in professionally-run aggregate programs."
    Phyllis Vento de Crespo
    Former Assistant Director of Law
    City of Euclid, OH
  • "Thanks for all your hard work and perseverance. This program has been a huge positive in otherwise gloomy economic times."
    Township Administrator
  • "Most people turn to a quality atlas or a reputable consumer magazine when they need help planning a trip through unfamiliar territory or making an important purchase. I turned to Mark Burns, the founder of Independent Energy Consultants.

    Mark calmly, politely and successfully guided our city through every phase of our opt-in and opt-out natural gas aggregation programs. He also helped taxpayers, our city, and our council of local governments achieve significant savings on residential, small business and public building heating bills.

    Mark Burns is the consummate professional, knowledgeable, certified, neophyte-friendly, always available to answer questions, and always planning ahead. I give him thumbs up, way up."
               Joe Martuccio
                     Law Director, City of Canton
  • "Thanks for the good job you are doing. I know the residents of the township appreciate the savings particularly in these difficult economic times."
    Township Trustee
  • "Mark,  I will send this out today - as is.  Thank you for your hard work, this program has been wonderful."
    Township Administrator