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The High Cost of Going It Alone

Would your company pursue a project that yields a 400% Internal Rate of Return, a net present value exceeding $500,000 and provides......


Deregulation of Mexico's Electric & Natural Gas Markets

In 2016, the Mexican government passed legislation to open their electric and natural gas industries to competition. Since then, market......


Real-Time Energy Management

At Independent Energy Consultants our clients have seen firsthand the savings that our competitive bids provide, and have seen the......


Energy Myth Busting

At Independent Energy Consultants our televisions are always tuned to CNBC and the Weather Channel. As we go about our day we want......


Objectives Drive Decisions

Energy prices in 2008 have fluctuated far and fast. These circumstances present a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate......


Energy Buying Opportunity

Energy prices soared in the first half of 2008 along with most other commodities. As predicted, those commodities prices were......

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